Meanwhile gla1ve runs a strict CS style

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high quality hermes birkin replica I would really rather not promote his content any further than having reported itHe saw an opportunity to abuse the current hivemind given that he had recently gotten a generic ban email from EpicHe creates a video with a random clip of Ninja acting dumb and reporting a playerHe high quality hermes replica uk showed the Ninja clip, claimed it was him who got reported, and claimed it got him banned without any actual proofHe created multiple sockpuppet accounts (name for creating multiple accounts and pushing your own agenda/posting multiple times/upvoting your own content) and repeatedly posted his YouTube video to multiple subreddits, which failed”boobooclownboo” who cashed in on the last Reddit drama with “FiveL” saw the YouTube video and hates Ninja fervently so Boo posted the shitty video with a shitty “NO CLICKBAIT, PROOF” title which was actually clickbait perfect hermes replica and had no proofMods took it down shortly, but somehow decided that the video didn fit clickbait or witchhunting rules despite it having no real proof and reinstated it 5 1. Clearly the mods here have no more basic logic than the average r/FNBR userVideo got 50,000 upvotes in the r/FNBR circlejerk witchhunt against Ninja. Anyone who noted that there was no actual proof or pointed out that He was simply trying to promote his Twitch and YouTube using Ninja recent drama got mass downvoted, told they were a Ninja fanboy, or otherwise drowned out in the comments which were literally just waves of “Fuck Ninja”He was caught talking shit about Ninja, congratulating himself on ruining Ninja high quality replica bags career, and he is constantly bragging about all the views, likes, subs, money, etc he getting on his contentEpic came out and stated that the account Ninja reported did not get suspended and that He was suspended for something different entirely. high quality hermes birkin replica

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perfect hermes replica Get Felps and maybe KHTEX.Xyp9x is far better than Taco, he does all the same support jobs while also being a decent fragger and a phenomenal clutch player.Karrigan is about to be kicked off the best team hes ever played on because they aren happy with his IGLing, AND he does a loose style with far less input from him, AND he frags like a bot most games when he is the IGL. Meanwhile gla1ve runs a strict CS style, so far more input from him, is one of the best fragging IGLs out there in the scene right now, and is actually winning big events. It not a comparison.Without a doubt dupreeh is in top 3 entry fraggers, and device is in top 3 awpers. perfect hermes replica

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high quality hermes replica uk But burden of proof hasn changed, and the statute of limitations hasn either.Of course, laws could be changed to make it easier to convict all pedophiles. But. Sad to say, I don think our government officials are especially interested in that. If you salty enough, bring all the summon charms and hop up to the top right wall and stay there. He can hit you except with the shockwave which hermes replica birkin bag you still need to shadow dash through. It take quite a lot of time though since he does have a decent amount of HP and summon charms don deal that much damage high quality hermes replica uk.

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